Remember any of these weird and wonderful animal rescues from 2022?

Hispaniolan common tree frog


How did this frog end up in a bag of bananas? Find out below…

From a boa constrictor in McDonalds to an adventurous seal, here are some of the most weird and wonderful animal rescues of 2022.

The RSPCA – the group in the UK which looks after animals – rescues all sorts of different animals across the country.

Rescue workers said it was an “honour” to help thousands of animals who needed them last year.

Can you remember any of these rescues from 2022?

Nacho’s mission to Bristol

The Old Lock and Weir

Nacho found its way to the front doors of The Old Lock and Weir pub in Hanham, Bristol

In January last year, the RSPCA was called out to Keynsham, in Bristol.

A six-month-old seal pup – which has now been named Nacho – had travelled up the River Avon from the sea and was found outside a pub on the riverside.

RSPCA wildlife supervisor Paul Oaten says Nacho likely swam upstream after entering the mouth of the river from the sea.

Due to the long journey Nacho had become underweight, but was soon taken in by the RSPCA to look after him before returning to the sea!

2022: The year for adventurous seals


This seal pup chose the scenic route up the cliff – but was soon taken back down to the beach

Nacho was not the only seal pup heading away from its home waters.

Two days after Nacho’s rescue another seal pup was found up on a cliff in Norfolk, in England.

The pup was 15 metres from the beach. This might not sound like much – but that’s 15 metres up a cliff!

RSCPA expert Amy Pellegrini, who rescued the pup and took it down to the beach, thinks it took itself up the coastal path.

Would you like friessssss with that?


The exotic snake was soon taken to safety

Have you ever seen an exotic snake? You might have spotted them in a reptile centre, or even a zoo. But what about a McDonalds?

In July a boa constrictor – which measured 5 feet in length – was found in one fast food shop in Bognor Regis, in Sussex.

The boa constrictor is non-venomous, and usually eats birds or rodents – not burgers and fries!

The snake was put in a box in the McDonalds, and then collected by the RSPCA.

And I would hop 4,000 miles…


The frog hitchhiked to the UK in a bunch of bananas

We’ve had some impressive journeys by animals so far, but none travelled as far as this tiny tree frog!

Ian from Staffordshire, in England, was taking in the shopping when his wife noticed something unusual in his packet of bananas.

It turned out a Hispaniolan common tree frog has made its way from the Dominican Republic all the way to Sainsbury’s in the UK, which is a journey of around 4,300 miles.

The frog was then rescued by the RSPCA after Ian called them, and the next day was “bright and alert, and feeding well”.

Whilst waiting for the RSPCA to arrive, Ian and his son successfully identified their banana hitchhiker as a Hispaniolan common tree frog, which is very common in the Dominican Republic, in the Caribbean.

RSPCA rescue officer Jonny Wood said the family had done the right thing by not touching the frog.

In 2021, Jonny was called to Birmingham airport where a toad had travelled all the way from Pakistan in a suitcase.

Sainsbury’s apologised about the event in 2022, and said cases like this were very rare.

Festive finch


A realistic Christmas decoration? No – it’s a real bird in the festive section!

In November last year, as shops prepared for the festive season, a small finch flew into a Next shop in Newcastle, England.

The finch struggled to fly back out of the store, and instead settled on the Christmas tree display.

Luckily, rescuer Rachael Hurst came to her aid, to help her get out.

She said the bright decorations on the display interested her, and she seemed very happy on the trees!

What were your favourite wildlife stories last year? Let us know in the comments below.

Remember any of these weird and wonderful animal rescues from 2022?

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