Stable Arguments | My Shetland

Stable Arguments | My Shetland

When I saw this, I instantly thought….
♫♫ Three little maids from school are we….. ♫♫
and it now my earworm for the day, even though I don’t know all the words!

Waffle tried to steal Tiddles’ food! *** sigh ***.

Now, I always leave Albie on his own as he is easily bullied off his food and is happy to give up.

The boys are checked regularly and this afternoon, I went to the stable and the family followed.  Ted is not allowed in the stable as he wee’s on hay and, at over £6.50 a bale, that is heinous crime in my book.

No one minds “the family”.  I guess they are used to our little ways (read “odd”).

That was until Monster decided the stable was an ideal place to have a wee. In his defence, it was raining outside.

Albie was fascinated by this!

… as was Storm.  And so Monster left in high dudgeon and we all laughed.

Everyone wants out.  Waffle and Storm especially.  They bicker all the time now and annoy each other. Good signs.

Sorry, guys, it’s not happening even though you are feeling a bit better.

And so revenge is wearing all the bedding.  I brush the ponies daily.  It really makes no difference but I am glad they are all feeling and looking better.  We are not out of the woods, by any means, but things are improving.

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Stable Arguments | My Shetland

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