Newly-Released Images Expose Force-Feeding on French Foie Gras Farms

Animal Equality has released never-before-seen images from duck farms in France, exposing how force-feeding is used to produce foie gras.  This newly-released evidence shows: Ducks forced to live in overly-crowded cages Animals panting continuously in an obvious state of stress and fear Ducks backing into the corners of their cages as they wait for their […]

Man found with hundreds of indecent child images and animal porn

A man was found in possession of more than 300 images of child abuse and extreme pornography. Children and animals were depicted in the disgusting images, some of which Andrew Thomas was uploading online using a Dropbox account. Thomas, 55, was visited by police at his home on April 4 this year after they received […]

New Images by Animal Equality Show the Short But Harsh Life of Chickens

Animal Equality is a beacon of light that shines on the darkest corners of the agricultural industry worldwide. With a commitment to exposing the hidden truths behind the closed doors of factory farms and slaughterhouses, our global organization is a powerful force for change in the fight for animal protection. Animal Equality has been keeping […]

Best animal and nature images of 2022 revealed as Wildlife Photographer Of The Year announced | World News

The woman behind an image of a buzzing ball of cactus bees spinning over the hot sand on a Texas ranch has been named winner of this year’s Wildlife Photographer Of The Year competition. American photographer Karine Aignere became just the fifth woman in the competition’s 58-year history to be awarded the Grand Title award. […]

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