And Then There Were Three!

And Then There Were Three!

Yup, I sucked my teeth again and brought home Tiddles (who was on his own so a sure sign) and Albie (who is suddenly fat, there’s no denying it – did this explosion happen overnight?)

Again, the Welcoming Committee were out in force.

Most of them.

Upon expert advice, I am not going to increase the size of the wee paddock/dust bath.  It is sufficient.

Storm is, for the time-being, staying where he is at Leradale. He is showing no signs but with this sudden onset, especially with Tiddles, I am not holding my breath. And while Storm continues to chase me down the hill for his food, I can see he is fine.

Bibble, of course, is staying put. Well, you just never know when you might need a Bibble, obviously.  Such a “help”.

The little shed is much loved too.

And Pepper is putting in the hours too.

In a small way, I am glad Waffle has company his own age and size.

But I am sad they had to come home with laminitis again.

I have tried to explain to Tiddles that this miserable starvation is for his own good and please don’t get colic.

I am not the most popular person around here, though.

I might have to provide toys.  It will of course be supervised playtime only.

And Then There Were Three!

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