Avian “bird flu” outbreak strikes dairy farms across the nation

The Type A H5N1 virus, commonly known as “avian flu” or “bird flu,” has spread from chicken and hen farms to dairy facilities across the nation. The latest developments have left dairy consumers wondering whether their morning glasses of milk are safe to consume–and whether humans could be infected next.  Eight U.S. states have reported […]

The number of U.S. mink fur farms plummets as consumers reject cruelty

By Kitty Block and Sara Amundson Fur production in the U.S. is plummeting, and that’s good news for animals. Every five years, as part of the U.S. Census, the U.S. Department of Agriculture releases data on mink farms in the country. The newly released numbers show that in 2017, 236 mink fur farms existed in […]

From Film Industry to Factory Farms: Using Video to Expose Animal Abuse

From the Spanish film industry to the factory farming industry, Animal Equality’s International Video Manager opens up about his journey to animal protection. I’m Sixto. For the past 12 years, I’ve been watching every single video released by our global organization.  If one of our investigation videos inspired you to make more compassionate choices… well, […]

Newly-Released Images Expose Force-Feeding on French Foie Gras Farms

Animal Equality has released never-before-seen images from duck farms in France, exposing how force-feeding is used to produce foie gras.  This newly-released evidence shows: Ducks forced to live in overly-crowded cages Animals panting continuously in an obvious state of stress and fear Ducks backing into the corners of their cages as they wait for their […]

Spanish Pig Farms: Injury, Confinement, and Death Revealed

Animal Equality is releasing further evidence of animal cruelty and suffering in Spain’s pig meat industry. During an investigation on several pig farms across Spain, investigators documented extreme confinement for pregnant and mother pigs, as well as the mutilation of their piglets without anesthesia.  This comes just a few short weeks after Animal Equality released […]

Undercover Footage Reveals Suffering on Multiple Pig Farms in Spain

Animal Equality in Spain has once again pulled back the curtain on suffering in the factory farming industry. And this time, the target was five pig farms in Spain. The evidence was captured by investigators during the pigs’ fattening stage, which begins after they are weaned and separated from their mothers. As the footage shows, […]

Week in Lithuania: Democrats For Lithuania exit defence pact, MPs outlaw animal farms

Last week, MPs received threatening emails in Russian; President urged Ukraine, Poland to resolve spat Lithuania reports 304 new COVID-19 cases Lithuania recorded 304 new coronavirus infections and no deaths from COVID-19 over Thursday, the 21st of September, the country’s public health authority, NVSC, reported on Friday, the 22nd of September. The number of COVID-19 […]

Beyond Factory Farms: A New Look at the Rights of Animals

Peter Singer has been called one of the most influential — and controversial — philosophers alive today. His pioneering work Animal Liberation: A New Ethics for Our Treatment of Animals, which vividly portrayed the harsh conditions for livestock on factory farms, helped spark the animal rights movement. The book, published in 1975, has now been […]

Capturing the Cruelty of Factory Farms

The age-old saying “a picture is worth a thousand words” holds especially true when it comes to the suffering of animals on factory farms. Through haunting images of cramped, filthy living conditions and inhumane treatment, our investigators have captured the stark reality of industrial farming and exposed the pain and agony that animals endure every […]

Federal Appeals Court in NC Says Undercover Filming of Animal Farms is Protected Speech

New You can now listen to Insurance Journal articles! In a decision that animal rights advocates are calling a big win over big agricultural interests, a federal appeals court last week struck down part of a North Carolina law, declaring that it violated the constitutional guarantee of free speech. “Given how vital undercover investigations are […]

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