Undercover Footage Reveals Suffering on Multiple Pig Farms in Spain

Undercover Footage Reveals Suffering on Multiple Pig Farms in Spain

Animal Equality in Spain has once again pulled back the curtain on suffering in the factory farming industry. And this time, the target was five pig farms in Spain.

The evidence was captured by investigators during the pigs’ fattening stage, which begins after they are weaned and separated from their mothers. As the footage shows, investigators uncovered: 

  • Painful wounds covering various parts of pigs’ bodies, including their backs, eyes, legs, necks and shoulder skin. The animals’ inflamed wounds were filled with pus.
  • Pigs with prolapsed uteruses due to the pressure of repeated pregnancies and birthing, as well as prolapsed rectums due to abdominal pressure. This abdominal pressure can be caused by constant coughing from poor air quality, constipation during pregnancy, infectious diarrhea, and the consumption of unsanitary foods. 
  • Animals with swollen genitals and teat infections from poor hygiene and a lack of care.
  • Animals suffering from a common and painful symptom called lameness. This is caused when heavy animals with unsure footing stand on slippery, concrete floors, and small wounds on their feet become infected. 
  • Painful mutilations–like tail-cutting and castration–without pain medication. 
  • Pigs living among the bodies of animals who died before making it to slaughter. Some pigs were found nibbling the dead bodies.
  • Dead rats and maggots were found in various parts of the farm, indicating poor hygiene and deplorable conditions. 

While there are laws in Spain to protect pigs from abuse, minimal government oversight leads to a high rate of non-compliance. In the factory farming industry, animals become sick and injured, with 10-15% of Spanish pigs dying before ever reaching the slaughterhouse. 

According to official data from 2022, more than 56 million pigs are slaughtered in Spain each year. While this number saw a slight decrease last year—for the first time in a decade—Spanish slaughterhouses continue to claim the lives of more pigs than any other European nation. Spain ranks third in global pig meat production. 

Animal Abuse Persistent in the Pig Meat Industry

The videos and photographs obtained by our investigators leave no room for doubt: suffering is rampant and alarmingly consistent in this industry. But the evidence captured on these five farms in Spain is not the entire story. 

During undercover investigations like these, Animal Equality has found the mutilation of piglets–through castration, tail removal, and tooth removal–without anesthesia. They’ve even found the bodies of dead piglets thrown in buckets like trash. 

Investigators have stumbled upon piglets’ body parts, including heads and legs, scattered about a farm, and they’ve witnessed workers hammering piglets to death or smashing them against the walls. 

Northern Italy Pig Farm Investigation

Often, mother pigs watch helplessly from small, metal crates as their piglets slowly succumb to disease on factory farm floors, just barely out of their reach. 

Animal abuse is rampant in the pig meat industry, and its claims otherwise simply ring hollow. 

You Can Put an End to Animal Cruelty

People around the world are finally learning the truth about animal cruelty through the powerful evidence captured during investigations like these. Many are turning to plant-based protein sources to combat what they’ve seen. 

By replacing meat and other animal products with compassionate and wholesome alternatives, you can defend pigs with nothing but your fork. Join millions around the world–many here in the United States–by getting started on your plant-based journey today. 


Pigs are highly social animals who are often considered smarter than dogs.

You can protect these intelligent animals by simply choosing plant‑based alternatives.

But why stop there?

Monthly donors are the bedrock of our mission, demanding accountability from an industry that often hides behind its “high-welfare” labels and certifications. 

Are you ready to stand with these dedicated advocates, providing consistent support for Animal Equality’s investigations and championing the truth? By becoming a monthly donor, you will be at the forefront of a movement, working tirelessly to protect animals every day.


As a compassionate monthly supporter, you can protect animals from cruelty every day. Your support is key to ending their confinement in cages, mutilations, and other abuses.

Consumers are taking matters into their own hands by signing our petition to end factory farming. Together, we can stop the meat industry from profiting from the suffering of innocent and feeling animals. 

Let’s create a world where animal cruelty has no place.

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Undercover Footage Reveals Suffering on Multiple Pig Farms in Spain

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