In 2023, we fought for wild animals all over the world

By Sara Amundson and Kitty Block Wild animals face a chilling multitude of threats. At a time when so many are vulnerable to the unprecedented impacts of climate change, biodiversity loss and ongoing human encroachment on shrinking habitats, imperiled animals continue to be killed for nothing more than a trophy, a prize, a pelt or […]

30 Smartest Animals in the World

In this article, we shall discuss the 30 smartest animals in the world. To skip our detailed analysis of the global pet industry and developments in animal care in 2023, go directly and see 10 Smartest Animals in the World. Pet Industry: An Analysis According to a report by Morgan Stanley, despite the fact that […]

Wildlife ACT Takes First Prize at WTM World Responsible Tourism Awards 2023

The Responsible Tourism Partnership has announced that Wildlife ACT has received first place in the ‘Best for Nature-Positive Tourism’ category at the prestigious WTM World Responsible Tourism Awards for 2023. After securing the Gold award at the WTM Africa Responsible Tourism Awards earlier this year, Wildlife ACT was subsequently nominated alongside other regional winners for […]

World Organization for Animal Health meeting to begin in India

The meeting will also bring together senior officials of regional and international organizations, representatives of the private sector, and private veterinary organizations of the region in New Delhi until November 16. The conference, organized by the Department of Livestock and Dairy, will facilitate closer contact, active dialogue, and meaningful discussions among delegates, invited experts and […]

The Ultimate How-To Guide to Animal Kingdom Park at Disney World

Disney’s Animal Kingdom theme park is a one-of-a-kind marvel boasting unique attractions and an impressive size that sets it apart from other Disney Parks. While sometimes mixed, Disney’s Animal Kingdom reviews are generally favorable. However, nearly every visitor to Walt Disney World (Bay Lake, FL) would agree to its stark contrast to other Disney Parks […]

Bronze Age girl buried with more than 150 animal ankle bones, potentially to help her to the next world

The burial mound of a Bronze Age girl unearthed in Kazakhstan contains a plethora of grave goods, including dozens of animal bones that may have been used for ceremonial purposes and a carving of a frog on a bronze disc. Since 2017, researchers have been working at this site, located in Ainabulak (also spelled Aynabulaq […]

Monster’s Weird World | My Shetland

My morning started with me meeting Monster sitting on top of the #4 Duckies’ house.  The one with Mother Duck sitting totally oblivious inside on her unhatched eggs. Monster had some sort of hammock affair. He looked very comfortable. And my day had just started. Later, I noticed that Monster had moved house.  He had […]

Hunt for ‘Beast of Berlin’ lioness ENDS as police believe animal is actually a boar – World News

German authorities have determined that there is “no acute danger” to people in an area on the edge of Berlin where a potentially dangerous animal was spotted, saying they no longer believe a lioness is at large. A search turned up no sign of any such predator, and experts who analysed a video have concluded […]

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