Ingo the flamingo, the oldest animal at Berlin Zoo, dies

Berlin Zoo has announced on Instagram that its oldest animal, Ingo the flamingo, has died at age 75. Oldest Berlin Zoo animal dies at 75 Ingo the flamingo, Berlin Zoo’s oldest animal, has died. The zoo announced Ingo’s passing on Instagram, writing “We mourn the loss of Berlin’s oldest zoo resident. Ingo the flamingo passed […]

ALDI Faces Global Backlash After Berlin Protest Exposes Animal Cruelty

With a protest at the iconic Brandenburg Gate in Berlin, Animal Equality has officially launched a global campaign against the grocery store chain ALDI. While the company is widely supported in Germany for its strong animal welfare policies, its U.S. supply chain lacks any meaningful protections.  Over a dozen activists gathered with banners and posters […]

Hunt for ‘Beast of Berlin’ lioness ENDS as police believe animal is actually a boar – World News

German authorities have determined that there is “no acute danger” to people in an area on the edge of Berlin where a potentially dangerous animal was spotted, saying they no longer believe a lioness is at large. A search turned up no sign of any such predator, and experts who analysed a video have concluded […]

New plant in Berlin converts 60 tons of food scraps into dry feed for poultry and hog farms – Hartford Courant

Inside Bright Feeds’ new 25,000-square-foot Berlin plant, pallet loads of past-expiration pies, sacks of bad potatoes and trays of spoiled popcorn in individual bags await their turn in a massive industrial processor. They’ll go through multiple filtration systems to strip away packaging and impurities, an airtight processing tank and a 600-degree drying system before emerging […]

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