So Very Wet | My Shetland

So Very Wet | My Shetland

It rained and rained and rained last night.  So much rain.  Everyone was soaked and shivery (except Tiddles, Fivla and Vitamoobag – they were pretty dry) and I felt awful for them so I opened up the big shed and led the Shetland ponies inside, two at a time.

Vitamoobag is the nearerst and you can see that her rug did very well, but she was slightly shaking when she came indoors.

And of course the rain stopped immediately but I decided to give everyone the day off from their lives on the track.

I put out two lots of haynets, two fibre blocks (split eight ways), as well as a good pile of “Fast Fibre” to warm them up.  I wanted to give them some fuel to keep them warm in this cold weather.

And while they warmed up and rested, I played flute duets so they had some music to listen to.  Funnily enough, they were all very keen to go outside afterwards!

But we had Monster as our flute-playing inspiration!

The Icelandic horses were absolutely fine so I left them outside.

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So Very Wet | My Shetland

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