Ingo the flamingo, the oldest animal at Berlin Zoo, dies

Berlin Zoo has announced on Instagram that its oldest animal, Ingo the flamingo, has died at age 75. Oldest Berlin Zoo animal dies at 75 Ingo the flamingo, Berlin Zoo’s oldest animal, has died. The zoo announced Ingo’s passing on Instagram, writing “We mourn the loss of Berlin’s oldest zoo resident. Ingo the flamingo passed […]

Tortoise becomes world’s oldest living land animal as he celebrates 191st b’day | Trending

On the island of St. Helena, a tortoise named Jonathan celebrated its 191st birthday. Although Jonathan’s actual age is unclear, Guinness World Records stated that he was at least 50-years-old when he was transported from the Seychelles to the island in 1882. Jonathan has outlived the 150-year average life expectancy of his species. Snapshot of […]

Scientists study ‘world’s oldest meal’ to learn about our animal ancestors

The “last meal” consumed by some of the earliest known animals has helped scientists discover new clues about some odd ancient creatures that are our animal ancestors, according to the Australian National University. Ediacaran biota, the lifeforms that were present on Earth during the Ediacaran period around 575 million years ago, are some of the […]

Meet the World’s Oldest Living Land Animal, Jonathan the Tortoise Who Is 190 Years Old

The world’s oldest living land animal on record, a tortoise named Jonathan who resides on St. Helena island, is celebrating his 190th birthday and has gained a new world record title. “His official record title is oldest chelonian, a category which encompasses all turtles, terrapins, and tortoises,” Guinness World Records shared on Facebook. Jonathan (left) […]

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