ifaw’s 2022 Animal Action Award winners

ifaw’s 2022 Animal Action Award winners

drones search for lost dogs

Probably the most innovative of our winners is Graham Burton who set up the Drone SAR for Lost Dogs Facebook group, which brings together a network of volunteers now numbering over 3,000 drone pilots and 2,500 ground level searchers to help find missing dogs and other animals. This free service has helped to reunite over 2,750 dogs with owners.

support for animals in Ukraine

Courage is defined by our winner Marina Bayeva. As IFAW saw first-hand when supporting the transit of Ukrainian refugees, many refused to leave their animals behind. At the same time, we supported those who bravely remained to help animals in shelters.

Marina took action as she watched the crisis unfold in her birthplace and rallied funding for the brave individuals who were keeping animals alive in shelters, often on the frontline and damaged by acts of war. She gathered requests for support and linked them with funding, and also connected NGOs with translators and other key support required to deploy their operations to support animals. Marina’s work continues into the longer term support for animals and their owners in Ukraine.

helping abandoned chimpanzees

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ifaw’s 2022 Animal Action Award winners

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