Bull rider event protested by animal rights activists | News

Animal rights activists gathered outside of Matthew Knight Arena to protest the Professional Bull Riders Kubota Emerald Chute Out event on Saturday evening. Animal Compassion Eugene leader Brent Ratkovich said the group was protesting cruel treatment of the bulls and views the event as animal abuse and not entertainment. “We just feel that these animals […]

Pit Bull Awareness Month addresses negative stigma surrounding breed

UPPER MICHIGAN, Mich. (WLUC) – October is Pit Bull Awareness Month. It is a chance for shelters and owners of Pit Bulls to shed light on the misunderstood breed. Alger County Animal Shelter Animal Caregiver Alexis Downing says Pit Bulls are like any other dog breed and have a lot of tail wagging and love […]

This Is Why We’re Calling Bull on “Pit Bull” Awareness Campaigns

It’s October. It’s pumpkin spice latte (well, pumpkin spice everything) and Halloween time. If you’re a dog lover, especially if you’re a dog parent whose pup might end up a target of breed specific legislation, this month also means that it’s “Pit Bull” Awareness Month. If you’ve been a follower of Animal Farm Foundation’s work […]

Perpetuating the Myth of “Pit Bull” Dog High Pain Tolerance Doesn’t Help Dogs, It Hurts Them

At Animal Farm Foundation, we like science. We do love a good fairytale (because who doesn’t?), but simply because a story tugs at your heart, doesn’t make it true or helpful in moving society forward. In advocacy, you must always lead with the truth. Unfortunately, many myths about “pit bull” dogs are so pervasive that many […]

Veterinary Medical Association Journal Uses Anti-“Pit Bull” Dog Tabloid as a Resource

On November 1, 2017, the Journal of American Veterinary Medicine (JAVMA) published an article called The Dangerous Dog Debate, which posed the question, “Breed bans are popular, but do they make the public safe?” JAVMA senior news reporter, R. Scott Nolen told our executive director that the article was about the current state of breed-specific […]

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