University Of Otago Initiations Face Severe Criticism For Animal Mistreatment: Commissioner For Animals Urgently Needed

Depraved Attack On An Animal Receives A Slap On The Wrist From District Court Judge

The Animal Justice Party Aotearoa NZ (AJP) is deeply
saddened and disturbed by reports of incidents involving
first-year University of Otago students during flat

While the reports have not been
authenticated, it is crucial to acknowledge that we live in
a society where animal cruelty is a pervasive issue. Even if
some details are unverified, this reported incident
underscores the pressing need for New Zealanders to stand up
as the animal-lovers they claim to be and back an
independent Commissioner for Animals.

“If true, and
surely this is unbelievable,” said Danette Wereta, AJP
Candidate Christchurch East “it is utterly heartbreaking
to hear that eels and ducks were subjected to such cruelty
as part of initiations. The well-being of these animals must
be addressed with the utmost urgency.”

reported incidents like these highlight the critical need
for an independent Commissioner for Animals to act on behalf
of animals and ensure their well-being takes priority. AJP
firmly believes that having a Commissioner for Animals would
make a significant difference in addressing such issues, not
only now but in the future as well.

AJP calls for a
thorough investigation into this reported incident, and if
credible evidence of animal cruelty is discovered, to ensure
that those responsible, including those who witnessed it
without acting, are held accountable for their actions.
Animal abuse is a grave offence, and it should not be
tolerated under any circumstances.

Additionally, AJP
is keen to know what actions the University of Otago is
taking in response to these disturbing stories. Initiation
stories like these not only harm individuals but also
tarnish the reputation of educational institutions. AJP
urges the university to take strong measures to prevent such
alleged events in the future and to provide support and
education to its students about the importance of treating
animals with care and respect.

“It is essential that
we collectively work towards creating a culture of empathy,
responsibility, and respect, where such acts of cruelty have
no place.” Concludes

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University Of Otago Initiations Face Severe Criticism For Animal Mistreatment: Commissioner For Animals Urgently Needed

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