Silly Lot | My Shetland

Silly Lot | My Shetland

This silly lot refused to come up from the fields and go to bed when the snow first appeared, despite my shouting for them and waiting by the gate for their shining eyes to appear. So they spent the night out in the wind and snow.  It could not have been fun.

And the next morning, they were all waiting by the gate wanting in, ready to have breakfast. They were very jittery with the cold and went straight to bed afterwards.

Also Harrel came in limping so OH and I grabbed him, I washed and trimmed his front hooves and then sprayed them. Harrel was very unimpressed. I think he thought he would get chocolate cake or something nicer.  He quickly stopped that limping thing, though.

This is Harrel thinking about chocolate cake!

Today has been snow flurries – nothing lying, but quite fierce blizzards, plus hail and sleet on occasions.

I brought the Old Men and Klængur up from their field, showed them their stable with full haynets, only to watch them all turn tail and go straight back down to their field. I tried.

This lot have not gone down to the field again.  They are mooching about between the feed shed (shut), the stable (open with the unwanted haynets, now half eaten) and their bedroom. I am happy they are using the stable as it is dry and will help their feet.  Someone might as well.

They are a funny lot.

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Silly Lot | My Shetland

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