My Plan | My Shetland

My Plan | My Shetland

My Cunning Plan is working very well, she types smugly.  Klængur is nicely contained in his own personal little dining room….

… while everyone else is happily eating without argument, hassle or fuss. They all seemed remarkably relaxed about this arrangement, which is good.

While I was doing stuff with Haakon (spraying a hoof with ACV), Iacs came meandering down the hill towards me at a swift something, possibly a bibbly trot.

The buckets, that I had just lugged up halfway up the hill from the Minions’ field, were duly searched.

And washed up.  Thank you, Iacs.

We were also joined by Kolka who had given up on whispering sweet nothings through the bars at Klængur.

She briefly gave a thought to her incarcerated loved one …..

…. and swiftly moved on to see what lovely yummy things I might have.

Obviously Klængur was released and he does wait patiently, for which I thank him.

I am sure he doesn’t mind. I don’t even need a headcollar to lead him in – just chin hairs, so he has definitely got the plot.

Peace reigneth.  Hurrah.

My Plan | My Shetland

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