Only Five | My Shetland

Only Five | My Shetland

We have snow. Ok, not very much but it is cold. Very cold.

My Cunning Plan to not lug hay is working well.  I lug buckets instead!

Both Fivla and Vitamin get a fibre-full bucket daily along with their TurmerAid and Vitaminnie’s Formula 4 Feet (she has cracked hoofs) which I also spray daily with apple cider vinegar (or ACV, for those of us in the know).  Apparently it works very well and even our farrier noticed the difference the other day.

In the field is an IBC (prizes for guessing what those initials stand for and yes, I had to look it up and have been calling it an LBC for months!). It supplies water to the top field and is filled up by my kind field neighbours and their very long hose.

I caught Waffle dancing in the buckets. He does love water. I ignored him.

I don’t feed the others – Silver, Newt and Waffle – though I let them tidy up.

(and that is a Land Rover tyre so much bigger than you think but, still, Newt is small – there’s no denying that fact).

Small and deadly!

(Intermediate Bulk Container = IBC)

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Only Five | My Shetland

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