A Pony of Very Little Brain

A Pony of Very Little Brain

Every morning the Shetland ponies leave their field and walk up the hill to where their breakfast bowls are located.

Every morning. Nothing has changed.

The old ladies don’t want to climb the hill, so they get their buckets at the bottom of the hill, by the gateway to their field.  They know this.

Everyone except, that is, Storm who apparently has no brain.

He just gallops around the field hysterically refusing to listen to me, follow all his friends or use his brain.  I have decided this is because he probably doesn’t have one.

So I eventually caught him when he came trotting up to me, out of breath, miserable and obviously starving.  I led him through the gateway and he galloped up to his breakfast, or what was left of it as he had spent so much time pratting about.

Afterwards, I went up and caught him, put a headcollar on and led him down the hill to the gateway, where he, again went all stupid and ripped the rope out of my hand, missing going through the gate and then couldn’t work out how to follow all his friends, yes all, who knew how to walk through a gateway and were now happily back in their field.

So I walked around to where Storm was and, when he had stopped galloping about hysterically, getting himself caught on the rope, and generally being a tit, I caught him again and led him back to the gateway, making him listen to me and not to his own voices.

Once I let him go, I could see he realised he had been a bit stupid.  He was now embarrassed.  Yesterday was the same behaviour.  I hope he learns quickly. I am sorely tempted to leave him outside the fence, but I know he would trash it.

A Pony of Very Little Brain

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