Wild Animal Safari celebrates recovery following 2023 tornado | News

Wild Animal Safari celebrates recovery following 2023 tornado | News

Tuesday marked the one-year anniversary of the tornado that wreaked havoc on the grounds of Wild Animal Safari Park in Pine Mountain.

In the wake of the March 26, 2023, tornado, Wild Animal Safari Pine Mountain encountered significant setbacks from immediate storm damage, including over 4,500 fallen trees, miles of damaged fencing, with nearly 20 structures and animal habitats sustaining significant damage. This led to a 20-day park closure and a loss of over $1 million in revenue.

The park immediately initiated recovery efforts, investing approximately $1 million in the considerable clean-up and rebuilding endeavors, including extensive tree removal, repairing nearly 3 miles of fencing and the construction of a new giraffe barn.

“The past year has been a testament to our team’s resilience and the unwavering support of our community,” remarked Lisa Brady, president and CEO of Parks! America Inc. “Despite the challenges we faced, we remained steadfast in our commitment to restoring Wild Animal Safari Pine Mountain to its former glory, and I am incredibly proud of the progress we have made.”

Zoo Director Katie Harrison expressed her gratitude for the collective efforts that enabled the park to overcome adversity.

“The dedication of our team and the outpouring of support from our community have been instrumental in our recovery journey,” said Harrison. “We are immensely grateful for the opportunity to continue providing a safe and enriching environment for our animal residents and visitors alike.”

According to a statement released by the park, there is still recovery work to be done. Reconstruction efforts have included repairing the majority of the dozen-plus enclosures that were damaged, including the construction of a new giraffe barn, and new wolf and bear habitats. Additionally, significant repairs have been made to sidewalks and fencing in the walkabout area, enhancing both safety and aesthetics.

Brady added “Our 2024 projects are well underway, and while we look forward to the completion of new and improved restrooms and the arrival experience, we are all grateful to be welcoming guests for our 2024 spring break and continuing to deliver epic laughs, smiles, and memories for our visitors.”

Wild Animal Safari celebrates recovery following 2023 tornado | News

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