Tiddles Update | My Shetland

Tiddles Update | My Shetland

This morning was just so, so much better.  Tiddles was perky and back to his “normal” (and I use this word in it’s loosest sense) self.  The happy smiley can-I-have-my-breakfast-bucket Tiddles. I  managed to get some pre and pro biotics down him and I think they really helped.

Storm was an idiot – that is his norm, too.

A complete twerp.

And you can see from the way Tiddles holds himself, he is feeling better.

Relieved muchly. I may sleep tonight.

So I took the boys on my dog walk because exercise is good, right?


And then I took the cat just because…..

The afternoon was spent with our farrier.

Before photos (Tiddles) …..

And after (so much nicer).

It was deemed that Tiddles, Albie and Storm could rejoin their herd if (and only if) they live in the impoverished hill part of Leradale.  So they went out and I will keep my eagle eye on them all.

Albie is borderline but we will see…… (he was so pleased to see Fivla again).   So maybe we are through the colic (please God) and through the laminitis (for the time being, please God again).

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Tiddles Update | My Shetland

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