Kitten saved by young boys

Kitten saved by young boys

One evening, a few days ago, some boys from the village came to Tanja’s house. They had found a little kitten on the street. It had been crying for 2 hours and no sign of the mothercat. They told that they had asked several people to take the kitten, but with no result. Someone suggested to ask kyria Tanja…

The truth is that Tanja could not take any more cats, but what do you do when children that at least care about an animal and try to save it, are standing on your doorstep??? They are the future, they need to learn and understand that it is good to help the animals in need! So she decided to invest in the future and took the little one in. Fortunately it was healthy and already able to eat by itself.

If you can help us with a small donation towards flea/worm treatment, food and future castration it would be very much appreciated. 

Here you can find how: 

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Kitten saved by young boys

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