ACT! Animal Care Thassos : GLEN

ACT! Animal Care Thassos : GLEN

In early September, setter Glen was rushed to the vet because he had
a red and swollen penis. There it turned out that flies had laid eggs
and the maggots were now feeding on his meat (beware of flies

All maggots and
affected flesh were removed under anesthesia and the wound was
thoroughly cleaned. The next day he was able to return to the shelter
with the necessary medicines.

A week later he was
suddenly not well, he just layed and did not want to eat. His gums
looked pale. Back to the vet as
soon as possible. The wound on the penis looked good, so it couldn’t
be that. Blood tests and a quadruple test for Mediterranean diseases
were performed. Except for a slightly lowered hematocrit, nothing
obvious emerged.

Tanja took him home
so that he would be supervised and there he actually ate something. The next day
(Thursday) he started vomiting violently several times and stopped

Additional tests
were done for blood levels of liver and kidneys. That too was all
normal. To keep his fluids up, he went to Giannis on a drip in the
evening and was given medicine to keep his stomach calm. Nothing
helped, he continued to vomit every now and then and Sunday morning
he clearly started to be in pain. Giannis came to give him a
painkiller and in the afternoon Tanja drove him to vet Lovolina in
Potamia for an x-ray in the hope that something would become clear.
Lovolina suspected something on or around the spleen (enlarged?
tumor?) but couldn’t determine what without ultrasound. Once home, Glen
could only sleep with fatigue, but by midnight he began to moan and
scream in pain. Giannis came again with a stronger painkiller.

On Monday, both vets
had contact with vet Kiki Tsakou in Xanthi. Glen could be better
helped in the more extensive clinic there. He was able to come that
same day and Jürgen delivered him there late in the afternoon. After various
examinations, he was operated on that same evening and it turned out
that a piece of rope or yarn was wrapped around his intestines,
causing them to be pinched. A piece was removed and he came out of
surgery well. He has to stay for a few more days, but now he is
eating normally again.

It looks like things
are going to end well for Glen.

In this hectic week,
many people have committed themselves to Glen, to whom we would like
to thank: 

Karem, who picked
him up twice at the shelter and brought him to Giannis

Giannis, who even
came to give painkillers at midnight

Lovolina, who made
time for X-rays on Sunday afternoon

Tanja, who took him
home and brought him to Potamia twice

Jürgen, who was
immediately ready to take him to Xanthi without hesitation.

The operation and
all additional costs will of course create a considerable hole in our
budget, but there was no time to set up a fundraising first.

We hope you can help
us with a small donation. If even half of our followers donated € 5
each, the costs would probably be covered.

You can donate with

or to our bank

Piraeus Bank Limenas
– Thassos

GR06 0171 0620 0060
6213 6774 937 (BIC: PIRBGRAA).

The ascription is:

Glen before the operation

Glen at the vet’s clinic

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ACT! Animal Care Thassos : GLEN

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