More Snow Again | My Shetland

More Snow Again | My Shetland

The round bale of hay is a huge success.  I think this is the way forward.  I have it sussed using the bits that drop down, when I am making up the horses’ haynets, for the sheep.

The beautiful hay dished out in a variety of net arrangements to everyone here at home.

The hay in the round bale seems very different from the square bales.  Lots more flowers in it – one of which Madge is beautifully wearing for us.

Barrel prefers to stick the hay up his nose – sighs, oh, Barrel.

I did a head count and one sheep was missing…..

Ah yes, that would be Edna – she hanging out by the feed shed ever hopeful chocolate cake would fall from the sky.  In her dreams.

Meanwhile, the Happy Couple were sharing their haynet.

And the Odd Couple were sharing theirs.

Iacs gets a bit lost in this weather. He forgets what he’s supposed to be doing (eating) so I have to point his nose into a haynet and tell him to eat.  Haakon is a good example to all.

No one needs to tell these two anything though I wish they would stop arguing – there are four haynets out there.  Plenty for all. I should know – I never stop filling them up.

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More Snow Again | My Shetland

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