ACT! Animal Care Thassos : Another injured cat

ACT! Animal Care Thassos : Another injured cat

Saturday we got a message from tourists about an injured kitten on a small beach towards Trypiti. Later the cat disappeared. Sunday other tourists sent a message about the same cat. Luckily Tanja could go there straight away to take the cat. It was clear that it had broken front legs, it was dehydrated and very skinny but still alive.

Today we took the kitten to the vet. It had both front legs broken on multiple places and the vet thinks it is like that for weeks because one part was already growing (the wrong way) together. One leg could have been saved, if it didn’t have a severe deep infection from dragging. 

We would have loved to save an animal with such a strong will to live and with 3 legs a cat can live without any problem, but the risk that the other leg had to be amputated as well was too big. So to prevend her from more suffering we decided to put her to sleep. 

We thank both tourists for caring, thanks to them at least her last days were in peace with water, food and a quiet place to sleep. 

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ACT! Animal Care Thassos : Another injured cat

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