Ideas and Recipes for an Easy Vegan Thanksgiving


Are you lost in the dark about a vegan Thanksgiving? 

We’ve got your back!

This easy guide is just the beginning of what a turkey-friendly table can look like. In this article are several links to not only show you what to eat, but how to prepare dishes using simple recipes. Feeling extra creative? Get started experimenting early, adding your own special twist to each dish. Be sure to tag us on social media in all your delicious, turkey-friendly creations!

For the side dishes: 


  • A whole roasted cauliflower provides a hearty texture!
  • Stuffed, baked butternut squash
  • Sweet potato dishes
  • Mashed potatoes (of course!) made using plant-based milk and butter along with meatless gravy. Mushroom gravy is delicious, and Tofurkey brand offers a premade gravy that we absolutely love!
  • Rice, quinoa or couscous based dishes with candied pecans or walnuts, cranberries, and delicious fall veggies and greens
  • Candied yams with vegan marshmallows (Trader Joe’s and many other stores sell these. Dandie’s are a favorite at the sanctuary!) 
  • Stuffing made with veggie broth (if you’re using store-bought, be sure to check the ingredients for animal derivatives)
  • Vegan “pigs” in a blanket! Make these using a vegan sausage cooked inside crescent rolls. Field roast apple sage sausage and Tofurkey italian sausage work perfectly! You’ll have a sweet, flaky pastry outside, and a delicious savory inside.
  • Go non-traditional with vegan Mac-n-cheese! Pressed for time? Try store bought! Annie’s, Daiya, and even Safeway have their own delicious boxed dairy-free mac.


For the Main Course:

  • There are countless vegan turkey-style roasts. Gardein, Field Roast, Tofurky and Trader Joe’s are three popular U.S. brands that offer their own vegan holiday roasts.
  • Not interested in turkey alternatives? Vegan shepherd’s pie can be a hearty, delicious alternative. With a golden-brown, flaky mashed potato crust and a savory filling, shepherd’s pie is sure to impress omnivores and vegans alike. There are many recipes online, most using lentils and/or vegan ground meats as a base. Once you get the hang of it, it’s easy to create your own!


For the Dessert…

  • Everyone loves pumpkin pie! This recipe creates the soft, silken pie texture we all love using tofu. You’d never know the difference. Not so keen on using tofu? This simple alternative uses only nine ingredients to create the perfect pumpkin pie. In our opinion, they’re both perfect!
  • Pumpkin everything! This delicious pumpkin parfait is creamy and light, while pumpkin cheesecake is the ultimate comfort food. Pumpkin cake is always a hit, too.
  • Who doesn’t love apple cobbler? Serve this up with your favorite vegan vanilla ice cream!
  • Did you know that many fruit pies are accidentally vegan? Pies with crumb toppings rather than shells are more likely to be free of animal products. Safeway’s dutch apple pie and cherry crumb pie are both vegan as is. Always be sure to check the ingredients! Feeling inspired to make one from scratch? Check out these dutch apple pie and cherry pie recipes!


Written by Chelsea Pinkham



Ideas and Recipes for an Easy Vegan Thanksgiving

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