Everything Calm | My Shetland

Everything Calm | My Shetland

Everything has calmed down now and we are all going about our day saying “Phew” to ourselves.  The past few days have been quite the ordeal and I think the animals are very tired from the storm.

To make up for it, we had a beautiful sunrise this morning.  Very dramatic.

Finnigert (where the Minions live)

From the track at home, where we live.

The oldies were digesting their breakfast and hoping I would pop by with more.

OH and I made a quick dash into Lerwick to retrieve my now mended car.  I am so relieved  to have it home and it was a back brake thing – so now I have new set of rear brake pads.  Happy days.

Once home, while OH stayed in Lerwick shopping, I took the dogs out. I wanted to check the back gate into the scattald (common grazing) to see that it was still shut after the storm.  Sometimes gates can wiggle open after a few days of a constant Force 11.

The sheep were all having a bit of a snooze there too.

It was still closed, phew because it’s a bore when everyone goes off into the hill.

I had a quick chat with the sheep.

Dear Barrel had acquired a “necklace” of old dried dockens.

And Maggie, his Mum, was nice and smiley.

The gates checked, noses kissed and we walked back through the field home feeling grateful we could stay upright without much difficulty.

Everything Calm | My Shetland

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