Woman raises R120 000 for animal rescues

Woman raises R120 000 for animal rescues

Animal welfare organisations often fall to the wayside when it comes to donations, which is why a local woman took it upon herself to raise R120 000 for four local animal rescues.

Louise Dix held a fundraiser dinner for PMB Animal Rescue and Rehome (Parr), Coastal Horse Care Unit, Centre for Rehabilitation of Wildlife (Crow) and FreeMe Wildlife, in Hilton last Friday.

The event, which was well received by the community and attended by 110 people, managed to raise R120 000 for the four organisations.

“It was a marvellous evening, with excellent fun for a great cause,” Dix said.

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She added that she is passionate about helping animals in need.

“Everyone needs help these days and animals don’t have voices to ask for help. We have these organisations around us who help animals daily and they really need support. This was a fun and creative way to help,” she said.

Twelve items were auctioned off to raise funds for the event.

“The support for the event was amazing. The community was extremely reactive. They opened their hearts and their wallets and everyone had a good time. One of the attorneys at the event also offered her services free of charge to any of the four entities,” she said.

I definitely would do this again. I will continue to create events to support not only these, but other animal entities in the area as well

Eurika Erasmus, from Parr, said they were honoured to be a part of the fundraising initiative. “We are very privileged to have been part of such a wonderful evening. It was beautifully supported and people opened their hearts and pockets and gave abundantly.

“The money will go towards helping dogs in the poorer communities with sterilisations and parasite treatments, as well as food. Initiatives like these are greatly needed by animal rescues,” she said.

Tracy Hardouin, the unit manager at Coastal Horse Care Unit said they were completely reliant on the public for funding. “[Fundraisers] are massive for us and it allows us to continue our work rehabilitating horses and equines,” she said.

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Clint Halkett-Sibbal, the operations director for Crow, said they are totally reliant on donations and funding. “We are the oldest rehabilitation in the country and deal with injured and orphaned wildlife. Once they are healed, they are released back into the wild,” he said.

Wade Whitehead, the CEO of FreeMe Wildlife, said the turnout was fantastic. “It ticked all of the boxes for FreeMe Wildlife and they managed to raise a significant amount. Louise Dix did a fantastic job of organising the whole thing.

“Lots of fun was had by everybody. It was a success overall and fantastic support from the community and the people involved,” he said.

Woman raises R120 000 for animal rescues

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