Emotional support animal stolen from Aurora convenience store

Emotional support animal stolen from Aurora convenience store

AURORA, Colo. (KDVR) – An Aurora man is looking for his emotional support animal after he said it was stolen.

It happened last Wednesday at a 7/11 convenience store not far from Colfax.

Desmond Harris’s dog is named Cassius and he told the Problem Solvers that Cassius was with a friend while he was at work.

That friend left him tied up outside the store while she bought something inside, that was the last time she saw Cassius.

“Man just bring me my dog back, man,” Harris said.

Harris calls Cassius less of a pet and more like family.

“He’s my emotional support dog, since 2016. I was in a serious car accident,” Harris said. “I lost the vision in my right eye so it was just rough on me, coming back. I wasn’t supposed to walk or talk again.”

Desmond credits Cassius with helping in his recovery.

“He just gave me that extra drive just to keep going and he was just a great dog,” Harris said.

Their bond is unmistakable so it was especially upsetting for Desmond when Cassius was taken from a convenience store near Peoria and 17th Avenue in Aurora.

Cassius had been on a walk with Desmond’s friend who dog-sat for him while he worked.

“She came up here to get a Slurpee at the 7/11 that we always frequent,” Harris said, “everybody here at the 7/11 knows him, knows me, knows her.”

Desmond said an older man, driving a Jeep, parked at the spot right next to the pole where his friend left Cassius tied up.

“He pets my dog, walks inside, looks around basically seeing if anyone is paying attention to him and he walks out, takes him off the pole and puts him in his truck,” Harris said.

If you recognize Cassius anywhere near that store on 17th and Peoria, Desmond is asking you to call Aurora Police.

Emotional support animal stolen from Aurora convenience store

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