Back to Field | My Shetland

Back to Field | My Shetland

I was walking the dogs this morning, trying to make up for yesterday’s total non-walk when I came upon this ginger surprise!

And his girlfriend!  Don’t bite her Klaengur. That’s not nice.

These two are actually very fond of each other, spending their day together, always together.

Unless, that is, Kolka thinks there might be food.  She is very keen on her grub and I haven’t gone back to feeding her twice a day. I have stuck to my guns on that one.  I said I would.  She still turns up but I don’t give in.  Her weight is now fine.  Spot on.

Meanwhile, these two – Iacs and Haakon – are a happy little couple too.

My clowns, who make me laugh.

(Haakon’s serious face)

Further up the hill, and I found my latest album cover, sorry, flock of sheep.

Lambie, of course, spoilt this photo. It would’ve been perfect, otherwise. There’s always one.

I told Lambie this.  He was unrepentant.

Now this photo is certainly a contender.

And then we walked home.

Back to Field | My Shetland

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