Rearranged the Ponies | My Shetland

Rearranged the Ponies | My Shetland

The weather forecast is horrendous.  Force 12 – seriously?

So, today, while it was still calm(ish), I fed everyone a huge pile of fibre – the essential ingredient for good and effective equine central heating.

I took seven bowls, hurled them over the fence and dished out the food like school slop.

I had already moved Vitamin over first so she could eat her bucket in peace (she gets extra linseed and TurmerAid).

After Newt had cleaned up, I took him over for company.

And put Vitamin’s rug on her as there is going to be a lot of rain too.

Fivla was not impressed.  Well, she should of thought of that before she tore great chunks out of her best friend’s rug last time.  That’s all I’m saying.  It could’ve been her but no, it is Newt who is also having lovely long green grass.  Suck it up, Buttercup!

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Rearranged the Ponies | My Shetland

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