Oh, what a night…… it was awful.

Monster didn’t come home.  He left at around 6.00 p.m. while I was cooking supper last night and was never seen again.  OH and I were very worried.  This was absolutely not normal behaviour for Monster whose tummy is akin to the atomic clock.  He has never knowingly missed a meal – ever.  And he missed his crunchy-munchies (Ted’s snack time for his eye-drops before bed), his ten o’clocks, his 3-a.m. o’clocks, and then his 7.30 a.m. breakfast.

I was awake all night praying that the cat flap would go and I would hear the noise of a hungry cat coming home.  But nothing. There was a eerie hush all night and I know, because I did not sleep much. I had terrible dreams that involved Monster – one was him walking towards the light, and one was him coming home covered in blood, the vet passed out, came round and shaved him only to find that Monster had stripes under the white fur!!!

Anyway, back to reality…… I got up early, fed up of not sleeping and went outside to feed the sheep.  While I was flipping their bowls over in the stable, I heard a plaintive mewing coming from somewhere so I quickly distributed the food and went in search of Monster.

I eventually found him in an upturned empty old kitchen cupboard that I was going to use to store rugs in, which must’ve flipped over somehow.  He was very happy to be free and appeared completely unharmed after his 12 hour experience.  I was crying with relief.


(I don’t think he lost any weight from his ordeal).

And Monster has steadily been making up for missing his meals throughout the day.

He has had a few quiet naps in his Fortress of Solitude.

I thank the Gods Monster is home again.  Me and my imagination were working over-time.


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