Bucks County SPCA busts animal hoarding at hotel in Feasterville-Trevose

Bucks County SPCA busts animal hoarding at hotel in Feasterville-Trevose

A kitten.
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It was an ordinary day in lower Bucks County when the extraordinary unfolded.

As they entered the shadowy room, an offensive chemical smell swallowed them and was so prevailing that to be in the dingy, soiled space made the eyes burn – and tear in defense. And in the same foul little area, the room’s dire ugliness worsened with an offbeat falsetto of piercing whines, wails and howls.

Where was this deplorable place? In Bucks County. At a hotel. Inside an occupied small chamber of that guest house. And it’s where a few weeks ago, a routine room inspection made a startling discovery:  3 dogs and 37 cats in a filthy, feces-littered smelly place. After the finding, the Bucks County SPCA was told about the nasty boarding room in Feasterville-Trevose.

“We were notified by the hotel staff that upon a room inspection, they discovered all of these animals in one room with pretty poor sanitation,” said Cindy Kelly, director of communications, Bucks County SPCA.

The SPCA immediately dispatched its animal rescue team to the hotel located about 30 minutes southeast in the Feasterville-Trevose area of lower Bucks – and to the unnerving room filled with vagrant animals.

“The smell inside was so bad, SPCA officers said their eyes were burning,” said Kelly. “Ammonia smell from cat urine, especially in an enclosed space, can get really strong. So it was definitely stinging to the eyes.”

The rescue team and humane society members carefully gathered, then removed the distressed dogs and cats, many of them very young. The animals then were taken to SPCA shelters at their Lahaska and Quakertown sites. Once there, the caring process began.

“First order of business is making sure everyone is healthy and is treated for any of their medical needs,” she said. “They’re seen by a veterinarian.”

Next, the animals are spayed and neutered, then vaccinated and set for a final step. Said Kelly: “At this point, they’re ready to be adopted.”

And at this point, she said, the SPCA also has taken another step: it has filed animal cruelty charges against the owner.

“He had other outstanding warrants and has since been arrested by the police,” said Kelly, who said the man’s identity is not being released.

Kelly said anyone interested in the animals can check the SPCA’s website for updates on them and for information on adoption.

The good news today weeks after the rescue: “Many already have been adopted,” said Kelly.

Bucks County SPCA busts animal hoarding at hotel in Feasterville-Trevose

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