Minion Weigh In | My Shetland

Minion Weigh In | My Shetland

I was just thinking the other day that it would be very useful to know just how much the Minions weigh as I am about to worm them all.

And wouldn’t you know it, I got a message from my friend Monika (Sandness Equine Management) saying she could come and weigh everyone this morning.

So, five minutes before she arrived, I called all the chaps into their wee paddock.

Monika set up with some “help”.

First up was Vitamin, who was such a good girl and just walked straight on.

Nothing phases Vitamin.  Monika also looked at the body condition, sometimes known as fat scoring, of everyone.  Vitamin was spot-on and perfect coming into winter for a 29 yo old lady.

Next up was Fivla, who was deemed *** cough *** fat.  She has a cresty neck so we discussed this and decided she will have to go onto the track for 12 hours with the Minions and then back out with Vitamin at night, thus cutting down her calorific intake by half.  I didn’t want to do anything too drastic with her as she is old.

Then we weighed all the Minions boys, one at a time obviously.

For me, it is so helpful having Monika to discuss weight and condition. A second opinion is invaluable.  It keeps me on track and Monika reinforces my mantra that Shetland ponies can live off fresh air.

Everyone was mostly good. There were the exceptions, of course –  Storm and Silver were suspicious at first but soon realised they only had to stand on the scales and not perform rocket science.

So that’s the new plan.

Fivla on the track 12/24 while Vitamin is inside the track so she can see her best friend all the time.

No more guess-timating everyone’s weight completely inaccurately.   The weigh-scales are an incredibly useful tool and I am forever grateful to Monika of Sandness Equine Services for coming out to us. Her input and advice today has been invaluable.

Minion Weigh In | My Shetland

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