Paul Giamatti Campaigns to Play a James Bond Villain Amid Henry Cavill and Aaron Taylor-Johnson Casting Speculation

"It would be nice to have an animal with me": Paul Giamatti Campaigns to Play a James Bond Villain Amid Henry Cavill and Aaron Taylor-Johnson Casting Speculation

The James Bond franchise is one of the hottest topics of debate, discussion, and speculation in the entertainment industry right now. With reports of the franchise continuing even after Daniel Craig’s final Bond movie No Time to Die, fans are as excited as ever about who could play the next spy and villain in the next film from the franchise.

James Bond
James Bond

Amid all the speculation surrounding mostly Henry Cavill and Aaron Taylor-Johnson’s casting for the heroic role, one actor, in particular, has expressed his desire to play a villain in the upcoming movies from the franchise. This celebrity was none other than the renowned Rhino-suit guy from The Amazing Spider-Man 2, Paul Giamatti.

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Paul Giamatti Wants To Play A James Bond Villain

Paul Giamatti

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While fans are desperately awaiting announcements about who the next James Bond will be in the twenty-sixth film from the franchise, Paul Giamatti is campaigning to play a villain in the franchise.

During a recent interview with GQ where he broke down his ‘Most Iconic Characters’, the 30 Coins alum was asked about how he would build up a Bond villain for himself, considering how he has been expressing his desire to play a Bond antagonist for quite some time now.

To this, Giamatti explained what his type of a Bond villain would be like, saying:

“I’d want an accent of some kind. I’d definitely want an accent. It would be nice to have an animal with me of some kind. Not necessarily a cat, but something. Any animal, maybe. Not a parrot or something. Something real, I don’t know. An accent though of some kind I’d have to have.”

Besides an animal and some kind of accent, The Holdovers star also added another trait that could make his Bond villain more iconic than ever:

“Furs would be good. A guy who’s all in fur coats and stuff, like, that’d be great.”

Following this revelation, fans have been perking up to share just how much they approve of a Paul Giamatti villain in the next James Bond film, claiming it could be absolutely “brilliant” if nothing more.

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Actors Under Speculation To Play The Next James Bond

James Bond

Daniel Craig may have departed from the James Bond franchise, but his last movie, No Time to Die, still kept up hope in fans with its message that the British spy would be back. Then producer Michael G. Wilson confirmed the same as well, even though co-producer Barbara Broccoli added that it would take quite some time for the next film to completely brew.

Nonetheless, fans have been overjoyed about yet another Bond film in development. Thus were birthed speculations about who could be the next actor to play the notorious womanizer on the big screen. Among these, a few major names, that have been getting passed around for quite some time now, include that of Henry Cavill and Aaron Taylor-Johnson.

When it comes to Cavill as Bond, he has long been under speculation ever since he expressed his desire to play 007 on the big screen. Not only has he been desperately campaigning for the same for more than a decade now despite getting rejected, but fans are expecting to see Henry Cavill in the role even more now that he is not committed to other big franchises like the DCU anymore.

Then there’s Taylor-Johnson, who is one of the biggest hotshots among fans and casting directors alike when it comes to action franchises like the Bond. Further fueling this speculation was The Sun reporting him of having gone for a screen test with Broccoli at the Pinewood studios, and allegedly impressing the producers at that, reportedly becoming “one of the front-runners” for the role.

Besides these two, some of the other hottest names on the list included Idris Elba — though he dropped out before the speculations could go further — along with Damson Idris and Cillian Murphy among the other contenders whom fans want to see on the big screen as the next James Bond.

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Paul Giamatti Campaigns to Play a James Bond Villain Amid Henry Cavill and Aaron Taylor-Johnson Casting Speculation

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