Bye Bye Daisy | My Shetland

Bye Bye Daisy | My Shetland

Well, that’s Daisy gone after her Christmas holiday.

And I think we can all safely say that we will miss her hugely.

She was, of course, a delight (which is actually Daisy’s description of herself).

And I’m sad as we won’t have anyone to play flute trios with now so it’s back to duets again plus Pepper as our audience who has to be paid in chews.

So safe flight home, Daisy. Thank you for all your help this Christmas (Bibble was beyond happy to see her) and phone me when you land or get home because that plane sat on the runway for at least 3 extra hours with a mechanic trying to put it back together after two aborted flight take-offs.  The wind here is an ambient F8, gusting 9, with horizontal rain and there are no flights tomorrow. So it’s now or never and I am not worried, I am not worried, I am not worried……

(here we are waiting at Sumburgh airport which was almost deserted). 

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Bye Bye Daisy | My Shetland

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