Sheep and Duckies | My Shetland

Sheep and Duckies | My Shetland

After weighing and packing veg all afternoon, I took my camera and the dogs out to check everyone was where they should be, happy and unproblematical.

Guess what? Ducky Group #3 were outside for the first time.

I have been leaving their door open during the day but they, to a duck, all decided to stay inside despite my efforts.  Mum and her three ducklings – two boys and a girl, I think.

So I was very happy to see they had finally braved the Great Outdoors.

Mummy Duck #3 gave her all to Pepper….

… who duly ignored her.

Mrs Duck went away grumbling having decided retreat was the better part of valour.

We moved onto the big field where the sheep live during the day.  Everyone was having a sit down while chewing cud.








It was a good potter around.  Nice to get outside.

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Sheep and Duckies | My Shetland

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