Rosie Labs Showcases the Power of NFTs for Good With Rosie Rosé Wine Initiative Benefitting Near & Far Animal Foundation

Rosie Labs Showcases the Power of NFTs for Good With Rosie Rosé Wine Initiative Benefitting Near & Far Animal Foundation

NEW YORK–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Rosie Labs, the New York City-based global marketing services collective, today announced its new Non-Fungible Token (NFT) marketplace, Rosie Labs for Good, with the aim of helping rescue efforts of the Near and Far Animal Foundation (NAFAF), a rescue dedicated to finding “forever homes” for animals in the direst of circumstances. Designed to showcase the utility of NFTs beyond investing, collecting, and fandom, the marketplace makes it possible for animal lovers of all walks to access a custom-created NFT by purchasing a bottle of Rosie Rosé wine, with proceeds going to benefit NAFAF.

The initiative stems from the success of a recent Rosie Rosé wine bottle NFT giveaway at the sold-out NFT Biarritz conference in France, where Rosie Labs was a lead sponsor. Created to underscore Rosie Labs’ commitment to bridging the worlds of traditional marketing and Web3, Rosie Rosé wine bottles offered recipients the opportunity to claim an NFT and initiate a $10 donation from Rosie Labs to NANAF. In the current plan, anyone who purchases a bottle of wine from the marketplace will receive a complimentary NFT.

“Web3 is a focus for everyone right now, and brands are looking for ways to leverage the popularity of NFTs,” said David Song, founder and CEO of Rosie Labs. “We really want to demonstrate for our clients how to tap into utility for a higher purpose. It’s not enough to just create digital art with your brand on it and use it to generate more profit. There are opportunities to bring your audience together for something of meaning and value to your brand or business. The Near & Far Animal Foundation has been important in my life, my dogs’ lives, and Rosie Labs, by extension. It means the world to me to use this platform to give back for all they’ve given us.”

The Rosie Rosé NFT artwork depicts a stylized black labrador retriever based on Rosie Labs’ namesake Rosie Song, the late, beloved rescue dog adopted by David Song in 2003. After Rosie’s passing, Song went on to adopt two rescue dogs with the support of NAFAF founder Carla Mohan – Mila in 2020 and Stella in late 2021. Song credits NAFAF for helping to keep Rosie’s memory alive and breathing new life into Mila, Stella, himself, and the Rosie Labs agency as it moved head first into bigger and bolder opportunities in Web3.

“We’ve been so thankful to have people like David Song help us in our mission to rescue the most vulnerable animals when they need human compassion most,” said Carla Mohan, founder of Near and Far Animal Foundation. “Our colleagues are independent rescuers living in impoverished areas who need funds to make a difference in the lives of these innocent beings. We stretch every penny and greatly value the support. We’re so thankful for Rosie Labs and the Rosie for Good initiative to help create miracles for at-risk animals and the humans we find to love and keep them.”

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About Rosie Labs

Rosie Labs is a marketing services collaborative that brings together experienced professionals and subject matter experts to deliver bespoke, high-impact campaigns to clients such as Land O ‘Lakes, egglife, Nestlé, Polyswarm, Reqfast, CrowdX, SunMed and It Gets Better. Founded by CEO and Managing Director David Song in 2008, Rosie Labs was created to efficiently deliver big ideas and unprecedented results by removing red-tape and bureaucracy. The Rosie Labs network now includes over 100 “obsessivepreneurial” creatives, strategists, producers and hybrids with vast experience across media planning, data analytics, social media, digital advertising, brand management, communications, Web3 strategy and more. The collaborative is headquartered in New York City, with network members located across the U.S., U.K., France, Switzerland, Israel, and beyond.

About Near and Far Animal Foundation

Near and Far Animal Found is a group of like-minded, passionate, animal advocates that will stop at nothing to help an animal and a rescuer in need. With the belief that to save animals, you also need to rescue the rescuer, NAFAF reaches remote and impoverished areas with little to absolutely no resources. The organization relies on the extensive rescue backgrounds of its rescuers to focus on the struggles of their rescue colleagues both in the U.S. and abroad. Each day they rescue and rehabilitate the broken, abused, diseased, and neglected. The team is comprised of veterinary techs, nurses and medical liaisons, seasoned dog handlers, master groomers, logistic specialists, shelter and client relationship managers, adoption/foster coordinators, experts in marketing and promotions; a hard-working collective of spectacular humans that can see a problem and figure out multiple solutions. NAFAF is based in the NYC area, with operations in Long Island, Westchester, New Jersey, Pennsylvania and California.

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Rosie Labs Showcases the Power of NFTs for Good With Rosie Rosé Wine Initiative Benefitting Near & Far Animal Foundation

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