Equine Physio for Haakon | My Shetland

Equine Physio for Haakon | My Shetland

Uwe, our visiting equine physio came to see Haakon today.  He comes twice a year but not always to us – just when we need him and I have been thinking that Haakon needed him.

He gave Haakon a thorough going over.

Haakon participated too telling Uwe what hurt and what didn’t. Haakon is 29 years old so he has aches and pains and I have been seeing when he moves around.

And then Haakon had treatments to his stifles and back area.  Uwe said his back was particularly tight which confirmed what I was thinking.

Bibble, who had come along for the ride, watched on.

He didn’t have any treatment.  He is 100% fine and fluffy.

Then the leg wraps went on …..

…. and a back pad.

Afterwards, I loaded Haakon and Iacs into the horsevan and took them back to their field.  The wind was getting up so I wanted them “home”.

Kolka came trotting up.  Klaengur looked up, nodded and went back to eating.

Now, this is interesting and also lovely to see.

So I left them to it, knowing everyone was back together.  I hope Haakon has a more comfortable summer thanks to Uwe.

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Equine Physio for Haakon | My Shetland

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