Worried about Vitamin | My Shetland

Worried about Vitamin | My Shetland

I am worried about Vitamin.

She’s stopped eating.  No longer barging through everyone with a full-on stonking trot to get her bucket a bit earlier than everyone else.  No pawing at the fence demanding food.

When I took her breakfast bucket to her, she tried a bit in a very lack-lustre fashion and then stopped eating.

So I called the vet and he came later in the morning.  Vitamin’s teeth were checked (ok for her age, nothing wobbly or obvious), her guts (good bowel sounds and a nice large normal poo).  No diagnosis so he gave her some antibiotics (IV) and a painkiller (IM) and the plan was to give her the weekend and see what like on Monday.  I was hopeful she would turn a corner and start eating again.

I checked Vitamin regularly, taking any snacks that might tempt her but she was not interested.  She puts her head down to eat and then doesn’t.

After lunch, I went out with her rug.

Plus Fivla’s, who was looking daggers at Vitamin (she has a Vitamin-in-a-rug-thing, remember?) in her rug.

And Fivla had to have a go at Vitamin and funnily enough, Waffle waded in to stop her and took Vitamin away, which was interesting.

I will leave them for tonight and I have booked for another vet tomorrow afternoon as I don’t think we have until Monday now.

I am praying for a miracle, or else I think I will put Vitamin to sleep because I don’t want this to go on and on.  She seems to have given up so maybe she’s had enough.  I don’t really know what else to do.  She is 30 years old.

Worried about Vitamin | My Shetland

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