Feeding Edna | My Shetland

Feeding Edna | My Shetland

I spent my morning putting everything back – everything being the buckets (empty ones, ones full of dried hard feed and ones with feed already made up), water containers that lived in the kitchen to stop freezing, and haynets that took up residence in the porch.  It all went back to where it belonged in various sheds and my house looks a bit better.

While I was moving the buckets, Edna barged her way into the porch and I thought to myself “why not” and gave her the extra fattening mash that I had made for the horses but had decided they didn’t really need as it is so much warmer today.

She was in a very happy shovelling mood.

I peaked outside and weI decided to say nothing. This extra food was none of their business.

Once Edna had eaten enough for three horses, I took the buckets to my feed container.

I did a spot of tidying up too.

The big thaw started last night and is going well. The outside taps are now all running but the Eggbox remains stuck in a four foot drift on our track!  So much for having a 4WD – we left it there and I will attempt to move it tomorrow.  The last time my Land Rover (old type Defender) did this, I managed to slide into a fence so I know what can happen if I don’t wait until it is safe.

And my life is much easier. No one is interested in the haynets and I am not bothering to make up anymore unless it snows again.

Plenty of grass everywhere for everyone at the moment.

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Feeding Edna | My Shetland

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