Moved for the Winter | My Shetland

Moved for the Winter | My Shetland

The forecast for this week is snow or “snaa’” (in Shetland dialect).  So, as it was a lovely calm morning, I made the decision to move the Minions to their winter field at Leradale.  It is only a 5-10 minute drive away tops, so it is no hardship to me and the field has masses of old grass and lovely shelter.  My aim this winter is to lug as little as possible anything heavy.

A kind friend helped – it is always easier with two – and we did three loads of 3+3+2 very quickly. Everyone loaded beautifully, travelled well and unloaded with no complications. They chaps are used to this now.

On the last load, I took my big camera and once I had nailed up a gate (very badly), I went to see where they had got to.

It only took one call….


“I kick you….”

“No, I kick you!”

Newt wasn’t really into the running around thing as he wanted to come and talk to me.

The rest bounced around happily.

It was good to see Albie moving so well, as well as Waffle.

Fivla was telling everyone to “stop running in the corridors!”

Newt was on his mission. We would talk and we did.

The happy running continued.

And they were last all seen going around the corner.

Then suddenly Newt remembered who and what he actually was…..

And set off  like a baked bean shot out of a canon!

Moved for the Winter | My Shetland

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