Watch the Fastest Animal in the World Race a Aston Martin Supercar

Watch the Fastest Animal in the World Race a Aston Martin Supercar

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A hybrid bird named Lady got the experience of a lifetime. This peregrine x lanner falcon raced against an Aston Martin Vanquish V12. You may think a bird racing a car is silly, but surprisingly enough, these two essentially have the same top speed.

The beautiful, black Aston Martin has a maximum speed of 201 miles per hour, while the bird is known for flying up to 200 miles per hour! The race starts as the falcon lifts on her trainer’s glove and into the air. 

A Peregrine Falcon perched on a rock. The peregrine falcon is the most populous and widely dispersed raptor in the world.


It appears that the passenger of the car is holding what looks to be food out of the window. This could be to keep Lady’s attention, as she continues to trail the car. This bird is competing against a car that can accelerate from 0 to 60 mph in as fast as 3.5 seconds and has a powerful V12 engine. 

The largest bird on most of the continent, peregrine falcons have long, flared wings and a long tail. A peregrine’s large main feathers give it a long-winged shape, so pay attention to shape in addition to size if you’re trying to spot one of these birds. 

A comment on the racing video says, “Here the problem is falcon doesn’t even try to overtake the car. It’s just trying to keep up with it. Otherwise, it should have smoked the Aston Martin out of its way.” It’s truly mesmerizing to see the animal casually fly next to the luxury car. 

Falcon Facts! 

Medium-sized birds are caught in the air by peregrine falcons during stoops, which are quick, dramatic dives. They are experts at capturing pigeons in urban areas. They prey primarily on shorebirds and ducks in other places. 

Falcons frequently wait for the ideal moment to launch their aerial attack from lofty perches. Keep an eye out for peregrine falcons perched or nesting on water towers, bluffs, power lines, and other towering buildings. 

Look to the skies if a mudflat teeming with shorebirds and ducks suddenly appears from the ground. There’s probably a peregrine falcon nearby. While being more prevalent around coasts, peregrines can be observed all over North America.

In many aspects, the Lanner Falcon and the Peregrine Falcon are physically similar. The Lanner Falcon may be distinguished from various other falcons of a similar color because of the reddish crown on top of its head. 

Depending on where they live, individual Lanner Falcons can vary greatly in size and color. Yet generally, it has a breast that is light in color and is embellished with darker spots or lines. It has a long tail, dark-tipped wings, and a back that is slaty in hue. It has brilliant yellow skin around the eyes, legs, and cere.

To see this hybrid bird take on a stunning sports car, take a look at the video below! 

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Watch the Fastest Animal in the World Race a Aston Martin Supercar

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