“Stranger Things” in the Cow World

Strange Cattle You Never Knew Existed

You see them by country roads; in dairies, and grazing in the fields.  They all look the same.

They’re just cows….

But I bet you haven’t seen some of the strangest cattle in the world.

Let’s take a look:

Cattle in Africa have to be sturdy and heat-resistant. 

And be dual-purpose; giving milk as well as meat. The Ankole Watusi fills the bill perfectly.

I love Longhorns!  Here’s me sitting on the amazing Weeds, a longhorn from Texas.

Photo courtesy of Sandra Stevens

But wait! Some ranchers are breeding Longhorns with Watusis. Here’s one…and look at those horns!

Did you know that there are English longhorns as well as Texas ones? Below is an English longhorn.

Below is the record holder for the longest horns in the world:   JR, a Texas Longhorn living in Australia, currently has horns 9 feet, 1 inch…and they’ll just keep getting longer! 

Then there’s the very shaggy Highland cow, which can now be found in Australia as well as in other climates much colder than Scotland.

Above, the Schwarzenegger of all cattle, the Belgian Blue! Double muscling just means that each muscle is more developed than normally found in cattle. Belgian Blues weigh 2,000 pounds, about 700 pounds more than most other breeds.

Thought to be descended from the extinct Aurochs, the Zebu is essential in tropical countries for meat, milk, and as a draft animal.

Mini-cattle?  Actually, these little guys are easier to raise than the big ones, and even give more meat! 

Kind of makes you want to put one or two in your backyard, doesn’t it?

So which of all these amazing cattle is your favorite?  

Me? I kind of lean toward the Belgian Blue… always hoping, of course, that he won’t lean back! 🙂

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“Stranger Things” in the Cow World

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