If You Invite a Giraffe to Breakfast….

If You Invite a Giraffe to Breakfast....

If You Invite a Giraffe to Breakfast….

Don’t be surprised if he shows up.  

Especially if you are in Kenya, Africa. That’s because giraffes at breakfast-time are an everyday occurrence at the Giraffe Manor* there!  

Take a look at the possibilities…

The dinner bell must have rung….

Here they are, answering the breakfast bell. Amazing. But what are they eating? Eggs and bacon? Nope. They eat molasses snacks made for them by the host!

Looks like fun!  Wouldn’t you love to have a giraffe at your table?

And notice the blue tongue…  Yep! Giraffes are one of five animals that have blue tongues.

Here they all are: 

And did you know there are nine types of giraffes?

Then…you’ve got to see the giraffe hand art, below.  It took me a second to figure out how this was done…and kind of makes me want to try it.  🙂

And…who would’ve guessed?  Frogs that have giraffe spots! 

The world is an amazing place, isn’t it?  Don’t miss any of it!  🙂

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If You Invite a Giraffe to Breakfast….

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