Grolar Bears and Pizzlies, Oh My!

Grolar Bears and Pizzlies, Oh My!

Grolar Bears and Pizzlies, Oh My!

You must know by now that I love Polar bears.  

What you don’t know is that I feel the opposite about Grizzlies.

Grizzly bears, to me, are frightening and huge and unpredictable; which really, Polar bears are, too…but Polar bears look cuter while doing it!  🙂

Polar bears live at the top of the world, in the arctic regions. Grizzly bears live near streams and trees. But as the icepack gets smaller, more grizzlies venture farther north. 

So far north that they meet up with….Polar bears!

Now look closely at the pictures of these two bears…besides the difference in their fur color, they have differently shaped heads and backs. 

Even the setting of their ears is different.

In 2006, a hunter killed a very strange-looking polar bear.  It was white, with some brown in the fur and around the eyes. And it had a hump!

Tests showed that this bear had a polar bear mother and a grizzly father. Now, in one zoo, a grizzly and a polar bear had produced offspring…but this was the first Grolar bear seen in the wild!

Here’s another one…

Why Grolar bear?  In hybrids, the animal that’s the father gets his name in the front.  So if the father’s a Grizzly…Grolar bear!

These cubs above are Pizzly bears, which, you guessed it…is the product of a Polar bear dad, Grizzly mom.

So what would the offspring of a father Narwhal and mother Beluga be?  Yep…a Narluga.  No such thing, you say?  

And learn about how polar bears befriend sled dogs, here!

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Grolar Bears and Pizzlies, Oh My!

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