Up and Down Hill | My Shetland

Up and Down Hill | My Shetland

My afternoon horse-and-pony-check found me climbing up the hill to give the Ancients an apple each.

Bloomin’ miles away they were too.

I originally thought I could take lovely photos of all three horses galloping downhill towards me but they didn’t move and expected a full waitress service.  Of course, I obliged.

I even had to climb the last cliff face to give Kolka her apple.  It was steep and I am not good with steep as I have little balance these days the minute I remember I have little balance these days!

Bibble, on my way up.

Kolka looking rather splendid and prehistoric, refusing to budge or meet me halfway.

And Bibble on my trip downwards, as in “have you got another apple as I ate mine?”

I had a quick feel for ribs and found none.  Everyone is fluffy and happy.

Next, I took two dry rain-sheet rugs out to put on Vitamin and Fivla as we are due a storm starting tonight with rain and a windchill of about minus 5.  The wind really gets going by Wednesday (a feisty Force 10) so I wanted to be prepared and not let the old ladies get totally soaked through and utterly miserable.

I told the other Minions they were all too fat to need a rug!  They, of course, disagreed.

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Up and Down Hill | My Shetland

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