Shocking new animal abuse cases inspire change in Central Omaha

Shocking new animal abuse cases inspire change in Central Omaha

  • Four new cases of animal abuse in Douglas County have inspired change throughout the neighborhood
  • The Douglas County Sheriff’s Office and Nebraska Humane Society are working together to bring felony cases against abusers
  • Watch to learn more about one suspect they’re still searching for


Some four-legged friend are getting a second chance, where one neighbor has opened her doors to animals that came from abusive homes.

Julie Grady has been fostering and training dogs for the last 18 years, her favorite trick seeing a scared cowering dog learn how to smile.

“It doesn’t need to be so scary, taking time, instead of saying I’m your best friend you earn that trust,” said Grady.

And the most important thing Grady want people to know, that dogs like, Lila here may have been abused but, they’re still good dogs at heart.

“You see them flourish, you see them they’re able to play, they’re able to go for walk, they’re able to sleep on the couch,” said Grady.

But, not all dogs are as lucky as Lila, since September 2023 we’ve reported on 4 arrests of felony animal abuse in the county, resulting in the death of the animal. That’s why Douglas County Sheriff Aaron Hanson says he’s working with the Nebraska Humane Society to stop animal abuse in the county.

“This agency is committed to protecting innocence, whether it’s an innocent person, an innocent victim, or an innocent animal and we will strive to do just that because at the end of the day that’s our sworn obligation,” said Sheriff Hanson.

The humane society investigates the alleged abuse and if their findings point to criminal neglect the sheriff’s office will step in and issue warrant for arrest, if the owner does not turn themselves over and the sheriff’s will the assist in the search and owners arrest.

Nebraska Humane society VP of Field operations Steve Gandt says there has been an increase of these cases since the pandemic.

“Sometimes they’re, they’re people that simply get overwhelmed and they don’t know what to do um an they allow their dog or pet to be neglected where it’s crossed the point of no return,” said Gandt.

Another case, the Sheriff’s office is currently searching for a 35-year old Gabriel Moore. They say he gave his dog thermal burns which are often caused by fire– a warning the pictures you’ll see are graphic.

According to the Humane society Moore burned his dog and that’s a felony. She now healed and in a new home.

I’m Hannah McIlree, your Central Omaha neighborhood reporter.

Shocking new animal abuse cases inspire change in Central Omaha

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