Mocha Rabbit Needs Urgent Surgery

Mocha Rabbit Needs Urgent Surgery

4/17/2024 update: Mocha made it out of surgery! She’s not quite out of the woods and will need to spend the night at the vet hospital but this is really positive!

Amount raised: $3,790/$6,500*

As I write to you, Mocha bunny is being prepped for surgery. This unexpected emergency may cost well over $6,500…but Mocha is worth every penny.

I fostered Mocha and her son Latte for six months before permanent placement opened up at Animal Place for them. Mocha holds a special place in my heart, and I hope you’ll join me in donating toward her emergency veterinary care.

Mocha was rescued in 2023 from a gas station parking lot, where six rabbits were abandoned. The rescue that took them in was overwhelmed. I offered to foster Mocha and Latte.

They lived in my spare bedroom, enjoying all the toys, food, and care they so deserved.

In March of last year, Mocha and Latte arrived at Animal Place, setting up shop in their own private stall and outdoor enclosure.

A couple of days ago, Mocha seemed off. She wasn’t eating or pooping. If a rabbit stops eating, it is a medical emergency. Their gut can enter GI stasis, a life-threatening condition that causes the digestive system to stop functioning. If left untreated, lethal amounts of bacteria and gas can cause a build-up of toxins.

We rushed Mocha to our veterinarian for care. Mocha was radiographed and placed on IV fluids and pain management. Radiographs revealed gas in Mocha’s abdomen, while bloodwork showed Mocha might be suffering from a condition called liver lobe torsion. This happens when one of the five lobes of the liver twists back on itself.

An ultrasound did reveal a lobe torsion, and Mocha will need immediate surgery to remove the damaged lobe.

Right now, Mocha needs you. We’ve already paid $1,100 in emergency fees and have been quoted $5,500 for the surgery and care. This is an unexpected medical cost, and it is also Mocha’s only chance at survival.

And once we know more about the success of Mocha’s surgery, you will be the first to know!

With compassion,

Marji Beach
Development Director

PS: Your $15, $25, or generous $100 donation goes directly toward covering Mocha’s life-saving care!

*$1,100 is for emergency care, $5,500 is the estimate for surgery & hospitalization and so number might change.

Mocha Rabbit Needs Urgent Surgery

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