The Frenemies | My Shetland

The Frenemies | My Shetland

Yesterday was a beautiful day (today, less so).  I was on dog-walking duty so we went out early as the wind was meant to be getting up later.

Obviously I took the two dogs out, but Monster followed along for the craic.

My constant, if perpetually complaining, companion.

I think he was trying to make up for the day before when he spent his morning getting into a glass Kilner jar with treats in.  He broke it with glass and treats everywhere, resulting in me cursing and swearing at him while I cleaned it all up.  Three lots of vacuuming, Monster. That’s all I’m saying!

Still, I have to forgive him for such dogged (or is that catted?) devotion.

After our long walk, Monster had a lie down to recover – we did go quite a long way for those short little legs.

And then it all started….

Pepper knew the signs.

Note, in this film how Pepper is the one doing all the moving, while Monster deliberately evicts her into the kitchen!

And yet they genuinely like each other. I think Pepper would’ve been a different dog if Monster hadn’t taken her under his iron paw.

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The Frenemies | My Shetland

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