A Tad Windy | My Shetland

A Tad Windy | My Shetland

Feeding everyone these days is a two-man occupation. I am lucky becuase OH helps.  He feeds the Old Men, while I feed the sheep, and Albie and Storm.  We were out first thing with the buckets.  Vitamin and Fivla were waiting for us by the gate.

This does make life much easier as we were not having to climb up the hill to find them.

The others were loafing about too, ever hopeful.

Of course, I had carrots.

I call this “Elephants at the Watering Hole”.

Once fed, feet done (Vitamin’s sprayed with apple cider vinegar), mouth swooshed out (Vitamin again), we took our buckets and walked back to the croft.

Today’s shed inhabitant was Klængur (and Pepper).

Haakon wasn’t bothered about going inside.

And Iacs was sheltering behind a dry-stone dyke (wall).

It is slowly revving up outside now (the late afternoon). I have tried to do everything in the daylight because it is safer to see what you have to avoid.

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A Tad Windy | My Shetland

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