Shorter Hay

Shorter Hay

Fivla and Vitamin are struggling to eat the soaked hay. I think it is because it is a from a big round bale – the stalks are longer so not easy.

Well, this is my theory.

So first thing, I dashed off to Lerwick in my horsevan to buy some square bales, which is much more varied in type.

And, yes, I went around the Feed Merchant’s shed inspecting all his hay to find one that might suit Vitamin and Fivla.  I even sniffed it because I find that’s a useful method of analysis.  Feeling hopeful, I parted with a kidney and bought four bales of one type and two of another.

Then a quick nip to my sheeple field at Jamieson’s shop on the street to restock as it is Wool Week and the field was looking a bit bleak.

A few more messages to do and then home, sweet home and a perfect cup of tea.

The afternoon was spent making two more sheeple while the dogs, who were very pleased I was home, slept….

(with their eyes open, if you’re Pepper!)

So that was my day. It’s not over yet.

Supper, more hay distributed to the needy, plus two more buckets (F&V) and put to bed and then I make another sheeple.  I might add that the old ladies were absolutely fine about me driving the van in and out of their “bedroom”.  They didn’t bat an eye.

But they hate the new hay.  FFS! I give up.

Shorter Hay

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